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Last June I packed up my things to travel to Russia and Eastern Europe for a few months. It was Memorial Day weekend and I was in a...

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Elana Congress
Jun 20, 2017

Playboy Magazine from Your Birthday

A vintage Playboy magazine from my brother's birth year and month
One of my buddy’s dad died recently. After some time of sadness and mourning, the family moved on and were left with the task of...

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Jeffrey Lipp
May 24, 2017
Ten years ago, I gave my mom her first grandchild on Mother's Day.  Since then, no one in my family has been able to top that!

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Lisa Souter
May 04, 2017

Natural Cooking

Sexy cooking au natural
I had recently started seeing someone and Valentine's day was coming up so I wanted to do something for her, naturally. She was at...

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Gordon Crabtree
Mar 11, 2017

Classic Italian Birthday

A gift card to a classic Italian market
One of my friends just turned 60. He is a proud Italian guy. We though about a good Italian connection for a gift and decided on a...

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Jeffrey Lipp
Mar 10, 2017

Hostess love !!

The Scrub Daddy sponge (because Shark Tank)
I love having people over for informal gatherings and to spend a Saturday night relaxing at home in the company of good friends....

Raadhika Nair
Mar 09, 2017

Baby's First Valentine's Day

T-shirt & matching onesie
Being married for a not even a year, having a two month old baby and a husband who needs a Valentine's Day gift is a recipe for...

Irina Gelfand
Mar 08, 2017

Present for my nephews

A hatching dinosaur egg
My nephews love dinosaurs and cooking - kind of random. They are 2 and 3 with enough toys to fill a room! Before I left on a recent...

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Marcella Pappas
Mar 08, 2017

Crazy for coconuts

50lbs of coconut
Back in college I had once started dating a guy ~2 months before his birthday. I was super into him at the time, but I was also...