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best friend


Alyssa Reed
Dec 20, 2017

Every year around the holidays, a few close friends of ours do a secret Santa exchange. This year I hit the...
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Rob Lindquist
Dec 13, 2017

My mother has always been my best friend. Growing up, we’d laugh, we’d shop together (a little too much at...
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Nancy Valdez
Dec 12, 2017

This year for my birthday, I didn't plan anything. My friends surprised me with Cubs tickets and we went to the...
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Andra Stanciu
Dec 12, 2017

Learning how to fly a plane is the best experience yet! One of my best friends knew how much I love to travel so...
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Darby Wilkerson
Dec 04, 2017

My best friend growing up is so unique-she is quirky, smart, and giddy. I loved spending all day listening to...
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Raadhika Nair
Aug 30, 2017

I have a special relationship with my childhood bestie. We have now lived apart longer than we have spent...
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