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Alyssa Reed
Dec 20, 2017

Every year around the holidays, a few close friends of ours do a secret Santa exchange. This year I hit the...
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Darcy Gassel
Dec 12, 2017

It was my boyfriends first holidays at my parents house. He builds wood furniture made them a beautiful paper...
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Jimmy Myatt
Dec 12, 2017

Living away from home can be tough. Not only are friends and family far away, but so are the delicious flavors...
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Jeffrey Lipp
Dec 12, 2017

I just gave Tatyana Shestopalova (the owner of Gifton) a book called “Alpana Pours”. It’s all about being a...
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Karen Kring
Oct 19, 2017

19 October 2017, Chicago: In May a new friend from Sweden gave me a Swedish candy bar. He was coming back to...
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Wojtek Konstanty
Oct 10, 2017

On my 28th birthday I showed up to the design program I just started a week ago and my teammates surprised me...
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Ablorde Ashigbi
Oct 04, 2017

Some context for the gift: A few months ago, my girlfriend and I were walking down 53rd Street in Hyde Park, and...
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Samantha Pumek
Aug 15, 2017

I started dating one of my best friends from college, but I had no idea what to get him for graduation. I knew...
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Shadia Martin
Aug 08, 2017

In the weeks leading up to graduating college, I thought it would be a good idea to treat myself to a new...
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