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Darby Wilkerson
Dec 04, 2017

My best friend growing up is so unique-she is quirky, smart, and giddy. I loved spending all day listening to...
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Wesley Isaiah
Dec 03, 2017 of my best friends in college was studying education to become a teacher, but to eventually become a...
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David Vandegrift
Nov 30, 2017

I was planning on proposing to my girlfriend (now wife!) and wanted to come up with something really memorable....
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Asma Hasan
Aug 22, 2017

About two years ago, I had some slides my parents took in the 70s put into a digital format. On special...
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New penguin
Anonymous Penguin
Jul 18, 2017

Dads are always hard to buy for. The Christmas of 2015 was no exception.  If you remember anything about that...
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Greta B
Jul 18, 2017

I graduated recently and my mother gave me a quilt that was made from tshirts from my school. So personalized...
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One of the best gifts I've ever gotten was from my friend Alyssa. She was over at my apartment one day and we...
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Alyssa Reed
Jul 08, 2017

My older brother is was always the bookworm, nerdy, anime kid I had a hard time shopping for.  For his 30th...
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Smyth groupon holiday party 2014
Michelle Smyth
Jun 14, 2017

My husband and I just celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. One of our most memorable and favorite gifts was...
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