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Salvador Duenas
Dec 12, 2017

For Christmas last year I made a book for my girlfriend of all the original texts we had sent each when we first...
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Jeffrey Lipp
Dec 12, 2017

I just gave Tatyana Shestopalova (the owner of Gifton) a book called “Alpana Pours”. It’s all about being a...
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Reza Barissi
Dec 12, 2017

To ring in the New Year with a trip to Sedona, a rare, desert blizzard turned into irreplaceable memories of an...
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David Vandegrift
Nov 30, 2017

I was planning on proposing to my girlfriend (now wife!) and wanted to come up with something really memorable....
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Jasmine Shells
Jun 30, 2017

My boyfriend knows how much I love massages. He surprised me with a massage at a wonderful studio in Lakeview...
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Allison Bailey
Jun 21, 2017

When my fiance and I moved into our house, I picked up a furniture making hobby to create desks and side tables...
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Joan Jones
Jun 15, 2017

When I first started dating my boyfriend, I was working really long hours at a demanding job. I often wouldn't...
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Marcella Pappas
Jun 13, 2017

My boyfriend's mom (basically my mother in law) flew out to Chicago with her daughters to come to my graduation,...
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Anonymous Penguin
Jun 04, 2017

A couple weeks ago I went to a neighborhood party with the man I'm seeing. At the party, I was very happy to run...
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