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Reza Barissi
Dec 12, 2017

To ring in the New Year with a trip to Sedona, a rare, desert blizzard turned into irreplaceable memories of an...
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Elana Congress
Jun 20, 2017

Last June I packed up my things to travel to Russia and Eastern Europe for a few months. It was Memorial Day...
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Angela Lohse
Apr 18, 2017

I rarely see my aunt because we live in different states, yet we are extremely close (thanks to FaceTime and...
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Gabrielle Valdes
Mar 12, 2017

I used to nanny for this kiddo that LOVED money. During my first week on the job, I took notice to his...
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Marian Zhen
Mar 08, 2017

On my first trip out of the country, I went with my school to Germany. This was where I discovered Nutella. When...
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