Best gift I ever gave my father

Dads are always hard to buy for. The Christmas of 2015 was no exception. 

If you remember anything about that time, you'll know that during that month Star Wars The Force Awakens was released. Now, my father grew up during the original trilogy. He's not a fantasy geek per se, but Star Wars was a huge part of his childhood. The prequels didn't really satisfy him (or anyone) so when the new movie was announced AND that the original cast would be a part of it, just understand.. there. was. hype.

And then they killed Han.

My father nearly walked out the theater. It's been around 20 years since the OG cast was on screen together. Luke and Han never got their reunion. and the death was so cheap my father's emotions were running wild. He finished the rest of the movie, and we never had a chance to talk about how great it was, because he was just so torn that they killed such a legendary character.

So for Christmas, I got him a vintage Han Solo action figure. Nearly brought him to tears. He's never been so touched by a gift ever. Two years later, he still has it on display in his office, in the original packaging and all. I think he's finally come to terms with the horrific event and is ready to watch the new movie come this December. I think we all are.

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