Blood Can't Make Us Closer

I always struggle on what to give my parents for any gifting occasion, be it their birthday, anniversary or a holiday. On top of that, I've been really busy lately and haven't had time to go visit them, nor have I called home enough to check in and say hi. So, for Christmas, I wanted to give them something very much "from the heart" that showed just how much I appreciate everything they've done for me since day one. 

Ultimately, I decided to give them an original song through Songfinch, a company that creates one-of-a-kind songs for people to share with their loved ones as a unique and meaningful gift. On their site, you tell the stories of the person or people you're giving the song to and choose the vocal type, genre and mood for the song. Then, they choose a professional songwriter to write and record a completely original song that you can keep forever. 

I was not exactly the "ideal" son growing up. My parents adopted me after trying for years to conceive on their own, and then weeks after they found me, my mother became pregnant with my little brother. I was a much better brother than I was a son growing up. While I strove to maintain my gentlemanly charm (thank you childhood in the deep south), I got in a decent amount of trouble in my teenaged years, started working multiple jobs at a young age, and was in a band that toured a bit -- so, I wasn't really around much. Nevertheless, my mom and dad worked so hard to instill good, strong values in my brother and me both, and even if I don't say it enough, I wanted them to know how much it meant to me then, and how much it continues to mean to me now. 

So, I submitted a story like that to Songfinch. In 7 days and for $200, I received an awesome song with lyrics and a melody that perfectly reflected what I had told them. The songwriter even titled it "Blood Can't Make Us Closer." I knew the title of the song alone would make them cry! On Christmas morning, before my brother woke up and while my mom and dad were walking around their house with their coffee, I pulled up the webpage that Songfinch had created for their song and asked them to sit down and listen. Meanwhile, I hopped in the shower. Within about five or ten minutes, they were banging on the bathroom door, both sobbing more than I'd ever seen them cry. The song worked, to say the least, and told my mom and dad the thanks I had always felt but could never quite express with words alone. My mom shared the song on Facebook with all her family and friends, and my dad downloaded it to his phone so he could listen to it whenever he was out of town and missing a little piece of home. 

You can listen to the song here: 

If you like it and want to give a loved one a song of their very own, Songfinch created a discount code specially for the GiftOn community to get 10% off their purchase. Just type in the code GIFTON during checkout! 
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Marcella Pappas
Mar 27, 2017

Currently drying my tears thinking about my family! Thanks for sharing and for the 10% off love it :)