Blown away by my 1-month anniversary present

As a 26yo female in a big city, I've found myself feeling a bit jaded when it comes to dating - what with all the apps and people all talking to lots of other people at the same time. I've come to expect dating to generally suck, and that's why I was completely blown away when the person I've been seeing most recently gave me a gift to commemorate 1 month since our first date. He gave me a stuffed animal penguin with an added DIY touch of a ribbon tie with punny pins attached. What completely blew me away was the thought that went into it. Here's why:

  1. He chose a penguin because on our first date we played a board game where all the pieces were penguins (I obliterated him.... twice)

  2. He was out doing other things when he saw the punny pins and picked them up because he thought I'd like them (it means a lot to me that I was on his mind) - AND, puns have been a big part of our conversations ever since we first started talking

  3. One of the punny pins has a picture of a shark. The shark is meaningful because we've had a "fishy" theme ever since we started talking. Think...jokes about megalodons plus sushi.

I can't even begin to describe how happy and overwhelmed and surprised I was when he gave me the penguin. It's probably the most unexpected and perfect gift I've ever gotten romantically, and I'm so glad that our 1-month ended up being so special. ***swoon***
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