Boozy brunch? Nah. Would rather do a boozy zoo.

My mom is pretty patriotic and likes to say that she's lived in Chicago for longer than she's lived in any other city (context: we immigrated to Chicago in the early 90's). She had mentioned to me a while ago that she was randomly watching a documentary about Chicago and it featured the Lincoln Park zoo. She said that the documentary made the zoo look absolutely stunning, and she couldn't believe that in all her years in Chicago she had never actually made it out to the zoo. 

That's why I was so excited to take my mom to the LP zoo for Mother's Day this year. We had a blast walking around - aided by the fact that before heading over, we shared a couple cans of Social Sparking Wine that I got for the two of us. I discovered this brand last year and instantly became a huge fan. It's one of the rare adult beverages that I can drink while still feeling healthy. So happy that my Mother's Day gift went so well!
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