Distance won't do us apart

An apple pencil ordered via amazon to draw sketches on the ipad

I have a special relationship with my childhood bestie. We have now lived apart longer than we have spent together...but despite that distance, we have managed to stay close. We can go months without seeing or talking to each other and pick up right where we last left off. For her 30th, I wanted to get her something that embodied our special friendship. I managed to get in touch with her current work friends, husband, room mate to understand if there was anything in particular that she was looking for or had mentioned wanting to buy. One of them told me that she had gotten a new ipad and was excited to use it at work for her projects (she is an interior designer!). So after doing some additional research, I figured that an apple pencil would be a really handy tool that would help her sketch designs using the ipad. I contacted my cousin's sister who lives in London and had her order this apple pencil via amazon and deliver it to my bestie's apartment as a gift, with a note from me. My friend was truly surprised and delighted when she saw the package. We facetimed shortly after and I will never forget her excited face. She followed that up with an instagram post with a caption that perfectly described our relationship "Miles apart yet connected by heart! she always knows what to give me and when!"

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Apple pencil for ipad pro

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