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Nils Robbins
Apr 15, 2017

Fantasy Costco! (Where all your dreams come true)

My roommate and I are both huge DnD nerds. We've been gaming at our apartment with the same group for years. Every Sunday, we grab takeout from the nearby Mexican place, stock up on snacks, and spend the afternoon gaming. Our group is also very passionate about coffee, so we invariably head to the kitchen to brew a fresh pot after a few hours. 

Our nerdom also extends to podcasts. We all listen to The Adventure Zone, a biweekly podcast where the three McElroy brothers and their dad play an ongoing DnD campaign. After each adventure, the players head to Fantasy Costco to sell their spoils and stock up for the next mission. 

I decided to roll our DnD experiences into a single gift for my roommate's birthday. I was able to apply a fan made Fantasy Costco logo to a mug available on We had originally agreed not to do birthday presents, but I decided it was cheap enough not to count. 

My roommate was touched by the gift, and now drinks from it every Sunday when we game.
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