He can now listen to music on the go, cuz I listened to him!

Wireless earphones for my boyfriend who wanted to make his gym workout fun and entertaining

My boyfriend is not always motivated to go the gym and on multiple occasions I have heard him say, "if only I could watch something while I am on the treadmill to effectively use my time." I have also seen him ask around about wireless earphones or other technology gadgets that can make his workout entertainment friendly and convenient. After researching a few options, I found a wireless earphone set that was built for workouts - durable and stable for intense cardio.

I bought a pair from Amazon and had it shipped direclty to his address with a little gift note.  He was so pleasantly surprised and thankful for the thoughtfulness, especially since there was no special occasion for this gift.
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I really like how these headphones got your boyfriend to go to the gym more often. If only we could all get our partners to work out more 😂

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Erika Borgsmiller
Jul 18, 2017

I've been looking for a wireless pair of headphones for the gym myself but I always figured they were expensive and not worth the investment.. definitely getting these!

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