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Alli S
Dec 19, 2017

It takes a village to build a DIY shelf

My boyfriend Michael is really thoughtful, incredibly kind, and since I’ve known him he has been working on building this gorgeous live edge wood table. I have zero woodworking skills or power tools and am not quite as creative, but wanted to try and match these qualities I appreciate about him. We share a love of climbing and he mentioned once that his climbing gear is all stuffed in an overflowing bin in his closet, so I did a lot of DIY tutorial research before coming up with a design for a shelf to store climbing gear that would be easy to build, inexpensive, and (hopefully) show my thoughtful and creative side. My family friends Amy and Dave have a ton of wood pallets and power tools at their house from the roofing company Dave works with, so they helped me use a power saw and sander to cut two shelves off of the end of a wood pallet. I wanted to attach bolt anchors and carabiners to the shelf to enhance the rock climbing theme, so after acquiring them from REI and Amazon my friend at work, Matt, brought in his router to make slots where the carabiners could be glued in with epoxy cement and his drill to help me attach the bolts. I wanted the carabiners to stay open to look like hooks, so another friend from work, Dick, helped me devise a way to keep them open with wire after epoxy glue failed at getting that job done. One of the hardest parts of the project was not being able to consult Michael for his woodworking expertise but I am really grateful for my friends who showed me the ropes - it was really fun to learn. Michael was impressed with my work and since Amy and Dave helped me cut two shelves, he’s since been really helpful in my pursuit to finish turning the second one into a wine rack for my brother’s new house!
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