Loco for coco-nuts

Back in college I had once started dating a guy ~2 months before his birthday. I was super into him at the time, but I was also worried about not over/under-gifting since we had only recently met. Also, I just didn't want to be awkward about showing how much I liked him juuuuust in case he wasn't that into me. 

A couple times he had off-handedly mentioned to me that his favorite food was coconut. That little bit of information sparked what was probably one of the best birthday gifts I've ever given:  I filled a gym bag with every possible coconut-related item I could find. I bought Almond Joys, coconut Jelly Beans, two actual coconuts, and a few coconut-flesh-harvesting tools that I ordered online. I individually wrapped EVERYTHING.

To be a bit more DIY, I looked up pina colada ingredients and included whatever those were (I think a can of pineapple juice?) plus a mid-tier bottle of rum. I then opened up powerpoint and created a mini info book with instructions for how to open a coconut (using the tools I ordered) along with recipes for pina coladas, coconut shrimp, and coconut curry. 

In the end, the gym bag probably weighed ~50lbs. I got a huge bruise on my leg from where it was bumping into me as I schlepped it from NYC to Binghamton to attend his birthday house party. All worth it because he loved the gift!
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Raadhika Nair
Mar 08, 2017

What a cool story !

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Reza Barissi
Oct 11, 2017

Is it too late to suggest “Loco for Coconuts” or maybe “Coconuts upon on a time...” as alternative titles?

Lol @Reza!! Done and done ;)

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