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Kara Scanlin
May 04, 2017

Mother's Day Gift of Giving

For Mother's Day this year, I am going up to the suburbs to spend time with my mom. Along with my cousin and her mom (my Aunt), we are volunteering at the Infant Welfare Society's 2017 Lake Forest Showhouse & Gardens ( 

This is exciting for my mom because she loves the biennial event and it just so happens to run through Mother's Day. I don't get up to the suburbs enough to spend time with her, so it's the perfect opportunity. To top it all off, we are volunteering together, so that enhances the warm-fuzzies. 

Each volunteer (or pair) is given a room in the house and we explain to guests any questions they have about the architecture, design, or furniture in that room. Different designers sponsor different rooms, and it is an opportunity for them to promote their services. 

The homes that are selected are always beautiful historic homes, and the whole process from selecting the home to stripping it down to "bare bones" to re-designing it takes quite some time. This one is an East Lake Forest estate designed by the architect Howard Van Doren Shaw, one of the most respected turn of the century architects.

They only do this every other year, so I am really looking forward to it!
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Raadhika Nair
May 06, 2017

That's a great idea for a mother's day gift. Definitely going to use this in the future