New swag for my favorite hobby

New running shoes + a trip to the running store

This year for my birthday, my mom got me a new pair of running shoes and I'm so excited about them! Running is my favorite hobby, and I had really worn out my old pair. More than the shoes themselves, I really loved the experience of going to a running store together with my mom (a specialty store, rather than a big-box sporting goods store). I got to walk around the store with her and show her all of the running equipment I've gotten to know over the years that I've been training for long-distance running (ex: gels, camel back backpacks, socks that prevent blisters). I loved the chance to give her a taste of the running world that has come to mean so much to me. Also, because we went to the store together, the pair she gave me was exactly the one I wanted - a pair of shoes from the brand I've been loyal to for years (Brooks) AND in my correct size (not everyone knows this, but most running shoes are recommended to be 1 size up from your regular shoe size). Thanks, mom!

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