Karen Kring
Oct 19, 2017

Off-the-beaten path Chicago gift: Spices

19 October 2017, Chicago: In May a new friend from Sweden gave me a Swedish candy bar. He was coming back to town in October. Oh, what to give him to reciprocate? 

He has a sweet tooth, I was told, which would it make getting him something he'd enjoy easy, but I wanted it to be significant to Chicago. Frangos and Fannie May candy didn't seem special enough. Garrett's popcorn would be too touristy. 

I settled on a Chicago Ethnic Neighborhoods spice set from Spice House. https://www.thespicehouse.com/spices/chicago-neighborhood-blends

It would be packed easily to take home.
It would remind him of Chicago.
It would last for a while.
It would be shareable. 
It would not sit on a shelf collecting dust.
He'd enjoy cooking with them.

No one needs more sugar.

I gave it to him yesterday.

He was appreciative, his hosts were impressed...and I'm feeling brilliant!
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Raadhika Nair
Oct 19, 2017

love the labels ! have always seen this place as its opposite to the gym i go to. Will definitely go in and check out.

Samantha Pumek
Oct 29, 2017

I love the spice house! I got my mom some for her birthday last year and she loved it!

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Katy Christianson
Dec 27, 2017

Thanks for sharing! I actually used this as a gift for someone I know who moved from Chicago to Tennessee! I hoped it would remind him of where he used to live.