Pen pals for grown ups

In February, I applied for a conference in Dallas, TX as an opportunity to network and build connections. When I found out I was accepted, I could not contain my excitement. Once I was added to the Facebook page, I started chatting with other young women from various parts of the country and I grew particularly close with a gal from Orlando, FL.

Fast forward to May: as a graduation gift my mom flew us out to our condo in Florida and I was able to meet my new best friend! She surprised me at the airport terminal with a gift basket of goodies and I could not believe it. Not only had we become such close friends in a short period of time, but each item was a reflection of my personality and interests (as well as a few inside jokes). I felt so blessed and special, and it's a memory I'll never forget! 
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I'm so curious.... what are some of the things that were inside the basket?

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Erika Borgsmiller
Jun 22, 2017

@Tatyana a variety of things including candy, small home decor items (picture frames, signs with quotes), a water bottle with my monogram, and jewelry!

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