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Jeffrey Lipp
May 24, 2017

Playboy Magazine from Your Birthday

One of my buddy’s dad died recently. After some time of sadness and mourning, the family moved on and were left with the task of going through their father’s possessions. The biggest surprise was a stack of boxes in a crevice of the garage. It turned out to be a complete collection of Playboy magazines dating back over 50 years! Every issue, every month, every year for over 50 years!
My buddy thought, this is fantastic. He was primed to make a ton of money selling this intact collection. But, it turns out a lot of dads over the years had the same interest. When he checked eBay and other online sites, there were a lot of complete sets of Playboy magazines. The value was nowhere near what he thought it would be.
So, what could he do with boxes of the iconic men’s paper goods? Give them away as gifts, of course! What a great birthday present for any guy! He is using them as birthday presents for his male friends. He just looks for the issue with the year and month that the birthday gift recipient was born.  
My friend let me have a magazine to give to my brother on his 50th birthday. My brother was very surprised to see the classic issue. My brother opened the gift wrapped envelope revealing the antique Playboy issue reading November, 1965 with great surprise. His first reaction was, "was where the hell did you get this?".
If you are interested in duplicating this gift it is very easy to go online and look for Playboy issues for any month and any year. There are so many of them that the prices are very reasonable. I will warn you though, a 50 year old Playboy is about as risqué as a modern television commercial. They didn't show very much skin back then.  But, it is a lot of fun to see the style and culture from the time you were a baby and your parents were just starting their family.
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