The 52 Days of Christmas

I was planning on proposing to my girlfriend (now wife!) and wanted to come up with something really memorable. I knew I wanted to propose around Valentine's Day and ended up coming up with "The 52 Days of Christmas". For every day between Christmas and Valentine's Day (and the proposal!), I would get her a small gift or token of my love. Here are some of the presents that went over best:

  • Day 2 - A list of 51 couples activities that reminded me how much I loved her
  • Day 4 - Assembled Ikea furniture she bought (this is true love)
  • Day 14 - A collection of my 39 favorite pictures from our relationship
  • Day 23 - A love poem
  • Day 31 - An afternoon of pottery painting
  • Day 32 - A collection of English foods (Heinz baked beans, aero bars) that she always loved getting when she visited her family there
  • Day 37 - A promise to take her to 15 exotic destinations over the next 15 years (we have 10 left!)
  • Day 44 - I dredged up the first email she had ever sent me (from 8 years before) in all its cringe-y glory

Over the course of the 52 days, I also sprinkled in some mysterious clues. When Valentine's Day finally arrived, I led her on a scavenger hunt all around the different places that had been meaningful in our relationship: our high school, favorite Starbucks, favorite ice cream shop, places like that. She had to use the clues from the previous couple of months to figure out how to get to each next destination.

The scavenger hunt ended up taking us to the airport, where I had already booked a surprise flight for us to Paris. After all of those presents, she basically had to say yes when I asked her to marry me in front of the Eiffel Tower.
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Amy Cowin
Nov 30, 2017

The sweetest thing! Beautiful story!

This is incredible. My only question - who took the photo?

David Vandegrift
Dec 01, 2017

I pre-arranged a photographer!