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Ann George
Mar 10, 2017

To gift, or not to gift?

Last year I made an unexpected friend. My meeting him was kind of serendipitous. And, I am a huge believer of fate, destiny, kismet etc. - whatever you wish to name it. 

There are the two reasons why I am thinking about gifting him something: 
1. His birthday is approaching 
2. Life may take us in different directions. So, basically it would be a parting gift. 

After some thought, I decided the gift should symbolize 'destiny' and it should wish him good luck in his future endeavors. I settled on the cliched 'personalized key chain', one that has a copper disc with the words "KISMET" hand-stamped on it and a 2016 year 'penny' from heaven for luck. I have not given it to him yet. I don't know if I will. lol. But hey, unlike me, at least I put some thought into it this time.
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Yessssss, do it!!!! It sounds like you've found a way to give this person a personalized piece of yourself that he can always hold on to. 10 years from now, would you want that keychain in your possession, or in his?