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Crazy for coconuts

50lbs of coconut
Back in college I had once started dating a guy ~2 months before his birthday. I was super into him at the time, but I was also...

On my first trip out of the country, I went with my school to Germany. This was where I discovered Nutella. When my host sister...

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Marian Zhen
Mar 08, 2017

The gift of clean floors!

Roomba, the robotic vacuum cleaner!
Every year, we roadtrip to visit my father in Florida for spring break and to celebrate his birthday. He has two dogs and lots of...

Smyth groupon holiday party 2014
Michelle Smyth
Mar 13, 2017

Bookworm Heaven

A trip to the bookstore
My friend and I are huge bookworms. We've bonded over books and spent many a happy day wandering bookstores (and lamenting the fact...

Allie Bernstein
Mar 20, 2017

Blood Can't Make Us Closer

An original song written just for my parents
I always struggle on what to give my parents for any gifting occasion, be it their birthday, anniversary or a holiday. On top of...

Songfinch miller
Zach Miller
Mar 14, 2017

A Traveler's Dream Come True

An "anywhere you want to go" surprise!
My favorite thing to do is travel to new places and explore, and my boyfriend knows that nothing makes me happier than hopping on a...

Nicole Vasquez
Mar 25, 2017

Baby's First Valentine's Day

T-shirt & matching onesie
Being married for a not even a year, having a two month old baby and a husband who needs a Valentine's Day gift is a recipe for...

Irina Gelfand
Mar 08, 2017

For the adult Harry Potter fan

A flask engraved with "Polyjuice"
Last year, I made a new friend who happens to be completely obsessed with Harry Potter. She throws Harry Potter themed parties,...

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Shadia Martin
Apr 14, 2017
They say that it's the littlest things that count. All true when it comes to the priceless gift for a Mom: coupons for chores.  As a...

Elaine Yeoh
Apr 14, 2017